Chine: les 236 expressions interdites sur le Web…

Le Washington Post a publié la liste des expressions et mots clés qui en Chine entraînent le filtrage des contenus Web et messageries

C’est auprès d’un service de blogs chinois que le

Washington Post a obtenu la communication d’une liste de 236 expressions qui servent de base au filtrage des contenus en ligne interdits par le gouvernement chinois. Sur les 236 expressions, 18 sont des obscénités. Le reste est politique, et concerne en priorité des opposants au régime et des événements que le gouvernement chinois ne veut pas évoquer, comme Tiananmen. Le Washington Post a testé ces mots clés. Tous ne bloquent pas obligatoirement l’accès aux sites qui peuvent les contenir dans le code. Certains, selon la méthode d’accès à l’Internet, vont au contraire alerter les services gouvernementaux qui vont examiner les messages transmis ou les sites visités. Un site en particulier bloquerait l’ordinateur de l’internaute. Mais le plus souvent, la plupart des sites chinois sur lesquels ont été postées des requêtes interdites se contentent de remplacer les mots clés interdits par des astérisques, ou même simplement de bloquer le message. La liste intégrale des expressions interdites

Nous avons repris les expressions anglaises révélées par le Washington Post, à l’exclusion des propos obscènes. Individus (dissidents, opposants, etc.) Bao Tong Chen Yonglin Cui Yingjie Ding Jiaban Du Zhaoyong Gao Jingyun Gao Zhisheng He Jiadong He Weifang Hu Xingdou Hu Yuehua Hua Guofeng Huang Jingao Jiang Mianheng Jiang Yanyong Jiang Zemin Jiao Guobiao Jin Zhong Li Zhiying Liang Yuncai Liu Jianfeng Liu Junning Liu Xiabobo Nie Shubin Nie Shubin (présent 2 fois) Sun Dawu Wang Binyu Wang Lixiong Xu Zhiyong Yang Bin Yang Dongping Yu Jie Zhang Weiying Zhang Xingshu Zhang Zuhua Zhao Yan Zhou Qing Zhu Chenghu Zhu Wenhu Zi Yang (en anglais) Ziyang (en chinois) Ziyang (en anglais) zzy (abréviation de Zhao Ziyang) Termes politiques 17th party congress Babaoshan Beat the Central Propaganda Department Blast the Central Propaganda Department Block the road and demand back pay Chief of the Finance Bureau Children of high officials China liberal Chinese Communist high officials Denounce the Central Propaganda Department Down with the Central Propaganda Department Impeach Lin Zhao Memorial Award Patriots Alliance Patriots Alliance Web Police chase after and kill police Pollution lawsuit Procedures for dismissing an official Red Terror Set fires to force people to relocate Sons of high officials The Central Propaganda Department is the AIDS of Chinese society Villagers fight with weapons Wang Anshi’s reform and the fall of the Northern Song dynasty Evènements spécifiques Buy corpses Cadres transferred from the military Cashfiesta Cat abuse Changxin Coal Mountain China Youth Daily staff evaluation system Chinese orphanage Chinese Yangshen Yizhi Gong Demobilized soldiers transferred to other industries Dongyang Dongzhou Fetus soup Foot and mouth disease Fuzhou pig case Gaoxin Hospital High-speed train petition Hire a killer to murder one’s wife Honghai Bay Horseracing Jinxin Pharmaceutical Kelemayi Linyi family planning Market access system Mascot Military wages No Friendlies Prosecutor committed suicide Pubu Ravine Shanwei government Suicide of deputy mayor Suicide of Kuerle mayor Swiss University of Finance Taishi village Top ten worst cities Wanzhou Weitan Zhang Chunxian welcomes supervision against corruption Expressions relatives à la secte interdite Falun Gong Chinese Communist Party brutally kills people dajiyuan (en anglais) Defy the heavens, earth and nature. Mao Zedong Epoch Times Epoch Times news Web site Evaluate the Chinese Communist Party falundafa (en anglais) flg (en anglais) Fozhan Qianshou Fa Guantong Liangji Fa Li Hongzhi lihongzhi (en anglais) Master Li minghui (en anglais) New Tynasty TV Station Nine Commentaries No. 1 evil cult in the world Obedient citizens under its brutal rule People become brutal in violence, Chinese Communist Party People developed a concept of the Chinese Communist Party, but People who could escape have escaped, and had people to seek refuge with Quit the party Run the opposite direction of the so-called ideals of Communism Shenzhou Jiachifa Spring Festival Gala of the World’s Chinese Steal people’s painstaking work Truth, Compassion, Tolerance Zhenshanren (en anglais) Sites, publications et groupes dissidents étrangers Century China Foundation China Issues Forum China Renaissance Forum China Society Forum China Spring Chinese Current Affairs Chinese World Forum EastSouthWestNorth Forum EastWestSouthNorth Forum Forum of Wind, Rain and the Divine Land Freedom and Democracy Forum Freedom to Write Award Great China Forum Han Style Huatong Current Affairs Forum Huaxia Digest Huayue Current Affairs Forum Independent Chinese PEN Center Jimaoxin Collection Justice Party Forum New Birth Web New Observer Forum North American Freedom Forum reminbao (en anglais) remingbao (en anglais) Small Reference Spring and Summer Forum Voice of the People Forum Worldwide Reader Forum You Say I Say Forum Zhengming Forum Zhidian Jiangshan Forum Zhongshan Wind and Rain Forum Taiwan Establish Taiwan Country Movement Organization Great President Chen Shui-bian Independent League of Taiwan Youth Independent Taiwan Association New Party Taiwan Freedom League Taiwan Political Discussion Zone Minorités ethniques East Turkestan Han-Hui conflicts Henan Zhongmu Hui rebellion Hui village Langcheng Gang Nancheng Gang Nanren Village Tibet independence Xinjiang independence Zhongmu County Tiananmen memoirs of June 4 particpants Redress June 4 Tiananmen videotape Tiananmen incident Tiananmen massacre Tiananmen generation World Economic Herald Censure Cleaning and rectifying Web sites China’s true content Internet commentator News blockade Internationnal Indonesia North Korea falls out with China Paris riots Tsunami Autres Armageddon Bomb Bug Handmade pistol Nuclear bomb Wiretap Chinese People Tell the Truth Chinese People Justice and Evil China Social Progressive Party Chinese Truth Report Dazhong Zhenren Zhenshi Jingdongriji Night talk of the Forbidden City People’s Inside Information and Truth