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Kuzzle and Actility sign a partnership to simplify the deployment of LoRaWAN projects

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At the IBS and Smart City events  in Paris, Actility, leader in the deployment of  low-energy networks LoRaWAN and Kuzzle publisher of Europe’s first open-source backend solution for IoT and Mobile, announced the signature of a partnership to accelerate the time-to-market of IoT projects and position itself as IoT’s global partners in sectors such as smart cities, connected buildings, management and maintenance of industrial assets, logistics and transport.

The partnership aims to facilitate the implementation of IoT projects, particularly in terms of exposure and integration of data flows with business applications.

Indeed, today, to deploy a complete IoT project, it is necessary to solve the issues of connectivity, data management and business application development for the end user.

The « all-in-one » Kuzzle-Actility solution aims to meet the growing number of IoT use cases by providing a response adapted to the expectations of its customers by focusing on their needs and offering a ready-to-use LoRaWAN connectivity layer as well as a software layer to manage data flows, while adding business services that enrich data.

The joint solution accelerates the time to market of IoT projects, reducing IoT deployment, development and integration costs by more than 40%.

Kuzzle, an open-source, robust and scalable open-source IoT platform for low-speed and low-power IoT projects.
Kuzzle is an open-source, secure, scalable and fully customizable IoT backend. It is capable of collecting, indexing and mass processing heterogeneous data from the Internet of Things in real time. The Kuzzle IoT backend offers within a single platform a multi-protocol API toolbox, advanced functionalities compatible with multi-devices, multi-cloud, multi-network IoT and to meet very many use cases, while guaranteeing a level of security and total control of the platform, essential for innovative digital projects.

Jacques Le Conte, CEO of Kuzzle, commented: "We are delighted to have Actility as our partner, our customers need low power, low speed and long range wireless networks and sensors, optimized for stand-alone equipment. Our objective is to offer an open protocol and leverage the power of the LoRa alliance to develop and market a high value-added service jointly with Actility. This agreement is fully in line with the growth strategy by working with leading partners in the IoT field."

Actility is the world's leading provider of connectivity solutions for low-power networks.
With its ThingPark platform, it connects sensors collecting data to cloud applications at all scales, via LoRaWAN (Long Rang Wide Area Network) network cores, enabling customers to create end-to-end IoT solutions with low total sensor ownership costs. Whether for global or national networks or enterprise solutions, Actility transforms business, industries and processes by providing efficient and secure data transfer, sensor management, operational support system, data flow management and monetization.

For Olivier Hersent, CEO of Actility "the partnership between Kuzzle and Actility underlines the importance of data flow management in IoT projects. The very strong complementarity between the two companies will allow a faster and less complex integration with business applications. This will allow the end customer to focus on the use case and business benefits.