Spam : les irakiens prennent la place des nigérians…


Des spammers irakiens tentent de renouveler le scénario du ‘spam’ nigérian qui proposait l’affaire du siècle, le rachat à très bas prix d’actions fantômes au potentiel fabuleux?

Il se présente comme Ahmen Ali, le fils d’Ali Hassan, fondateur de Chemical Ali, premier groupe chimique irakien. Son père a disparu ! Est-il vivant, est-il mort ?

Peu importe? Avec la crise irakienne, Ahmen Ali est dans le besoin, « complètement misérable« , et pourtant assis sur un magot colossal, consigné à son profit par son père, et géré par Chemical Ali. Imaginez le potentiel, dont Ahmen Ali vous propose de profiter par un engagement contre une participation réduite de 28 dollars. Devenu bienfaiteur du ‘pauvre’ Ahmen, ce dernier s’engage à vous reverser une partie de sa fortune contre votre aide bienvenue. En dehors du contexte géopolitique, cette affaire n’apporte rien de nouveau ! Le support de l’action mafieuse reste l’e-mail spammé, et vise l’innocence et la crédulité béate de certains internautes. Ce spam mafieux n’a été répéré, pour le moment, qu’en langue anglaise. Message spammé

To who it may concern. I hereby humbly apply for your help in your country. I am IRAQ national the sun of Ali Hassan Republic of IRAQ in Arab nation. I am Ahmed Hassan.My father is a former Government official Ali Hassan,famously known as CHEMICAL ALI.Capital and largest city in Iraq Baghdad,my home town Kurdish? Since American got my father alive,i am completely miserable, I didn’t even know if my father is alive or not, because of ward in my country. There is a crisis in IRAQ very big attack in my country,family to family for these every reason i ceased to stayed in Iraq until every thing will become efficient. I am a Muslim young man of 26 years, law abiding, God fearing, intelligent, honest and of satisfactory conduct.I first learned about prejudice at the age of 25 years;says John,from west Africa.Total strangers told me to get out of town.Some people from my tribe had their houses burned down uncountable people are victims of the war.My father’s bank account was frozen.As a result,i began to hate the tribe that was discriminating against us.If you have never been a victim of prejudice,you mighty find it hard to understand how traumatic it is.My father Ali is a very worthy man,known all over the globe.Because of these attack in Iraq I am in a place is best known to me, except who will accept me that I will tell where I am. There is a consignment, which my father deposited in my name.Before the got him alive.The contains of the consignment is fund $28 US dollars. The information of the consignment will be giving to you, if you can accept me like your self,so that we can use it for proper investment.It was deposited in the Security Company. I hopefully anticipate your most favorable reply. Yours faithfully, Ahmed Ali Hassan.

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